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Sky international insurance
Sky international insurance was incorporated in September 2016. Being purely Afghan Based insurance company, we are capable of being first choice for clients. Our company has commitment to have insurance awareness within the Afghan society.
Through our General insurance lines of business, we will distinguish ourselves by being a highly accessible insurance company. We offer competitive price, excellent service and quality personal and commercial line of insurance products. As part of our ongoing commitment to help you to make insurance choices, Sky international insurance company will strive for excellence in service delivery and client satisfaction.


A professional organization dedicated to providing clients with the best insurance solutions possible, maintain efficient working environment which helps each and every person his/her personal goals.
Our highest priority is to earn clients trust, loyalty and friendship while offering excellent service, comprehensive insurance policies and attractive rates. We endeavor to understand your insurance needs and financial situation to provide you with quality Information, services, products and options to extremely satisfy your insurance needs.


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